UK £2.20 per copy * £4.25 multiple copies. Overseas sent Priority or Standard Air as applicable.


WIND-SOCK Special 20th Anniversary Edition (1985-2005). All four of Volume 1 issues fully revised plus new material. 84 packed pages with over 20 in full colour! Plans, models, drawings, and classic kits; WWI aerodrome; Rumpler C.IV, DH2, DH4, Pfalz D.III, SSW D.IV and much, much more! Limited Edition! £20.00

Jasta 5 Volume 1. Glen Merrill recounts the unit history of Jasta 5, the Green-tails, with many rare photos, plus 11 pages of all-new colour profiles depicting the most colourful German fighters of WWI. £22.00

Jasta 5 Volume 2. Second of the acclaimed Jasta 5 history with more rare photos, another 11 pages of all new sparkling profiles depicting the most colourful of WWI Albatrosse and Fokkers! £22.00

Albatros D.III. Peter M Grosz profiles the famous German 'V'-strutter as never before. Over 130 rare photos, six pages of all-new highly detailed 1:48/1:72 scale GAs, 18 brand new colour profiles plus superb art on the covers, the book also provides a detailed section on colours and markings. £21.00.

Breguet 14. Superb 84 page chronicle by leading expert Alan D Toelle. Over 135 photos, 12 pages of unrivalled colour plates depicting over 30 different Breguets, plus contemporary drawings, nose cowling styles, stencil data, rudder legends, colours, data and much more. Superb and unique. £23.00.

Airco DH4. Complementing Jack Bruce's meticulously-researched narrative are detailed 1:48/1:72 scale plans, over 140 archive photos, 13 brand new colour profiles, plus contemporary GAs, sketches, detailed colour notes and appendices. £18.50

Albatros Experimentals. This collection of rare archive photos and 24 pages of drawings describes the Albatros D.IV, D.VI, Dr.VII, D.VIII, Dr.I, D.IX, Dr.II, D.XI, D.XII, D.XIII and D.XIV, 24 photos and 1 colour plate. £11.99

Albatros Fighters. Covers the famous Albatros D.I, D.II, D.II and D.V/Va fighters in 60 packed pages that include 63 archive photos and 46 D.V close-ups, 11 pages of drawings, 7 colour profiles and 5 colour photos. Also provides detailed markings notes and model kit listings. £15.00

Bristol Fighter (Two volumes). The classic 'Biff' immortalized in two packed DATAFILE SPECIALS!
Vol.1 contains 52 pages, 86 archive photos; 23b/w close-ups, 26 colour close-ups, 9 colour profiles, over 8 pages of F2a/F2b drawings, cover painting by Paul Monteagle and a WWI colour photo! £14.95
Vol.2 covers post war Bristols. 52 pages with Mk.IV and airframe structural drawings, over 101 photos, handbook sketches, more colour and black and white close-ups plus colour profiles. Also features US and Polish versions. £15.95

Fokker D.VII Anthology 1. 68 pages packed with reference, 5 pages of all new GAs, over 130 photos, 10 airframe sketches, cockpit sketches and drawings, 11 mono profiles, 21 all-new colour side profiles plus extra scrap views depict D.VIIs from 12 Jastas plus stencil, lozenge covering and cowl variation drawings! £17.50

Fokker D.VII Anthology 2. Contributions from leading experts with 68 pages including 25 new colour side profiles and 13 plan views showcasing D.VIIs of Jastas 24, 26, 27, 28W, 29, 30, 32b, 33, 34b, 35b, 36, 37, 40, 43, 45 and 46, plus 5 pages of 1:48/1:72 scale plans for the OAW-built D.VII version. Over 110 WWI and close-up photos, special features on OAW structure, 1918 capture report, D.VIIs in Hollywood, Jasta markings, cross styles, stencil data, colour notes, cowl variations, wing geometry and more! £18.50

Fokker D.VII Anthology 3. The third volume profiles Albatros-built D.VIIs with new 1:48/1:72 scale plans and many cowl, stencil, cross and markings' sketches. Plus eight pages of exciting new colour art profiling D.VIIs from Jastas 50,53,54,56,57, 58,59,60,63, 65,66,68,71,72,73,74,78b, MFJ I and MFJ II! Over 119 photos and 11 mono profiles! £20.00

Fokker DR.I. This 44 page book provides a wealth of material: 67 archive photos, 3 pages of detailed GAs, contemporary airframe/component sketches plus over 24 stunning colour plates of Triplanes from 11 Jastas. Also includes a 2 page centrespread cutaway, colours and markings data and model listings. £13.00

Fokker Fighters D.I - D.IV (Classics of WWI Aviation). Peter Grosz chronicles the early biplane Fokker fighters with over 105 rare photos, 12 pages of 1:48/1:72 scale plans detailing all four types, colour data plus 9 exclusive colour plates. 54 pages. £16.00

Gotha! In this unique book the world's first strategic bombing aeroplane is fully documented. 20 pages of 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings detailing the Gotha G.II, G.II, G.VI and G.Vb, contemporary airframe sketches, extensive colours and markings data, plus 4 pages of exciting colour profiles, 68 archive photos, 19 close-ups and cockpit drawings. £18.50

Halberstadt Fighters. The first German biplane fighter to enter air combat was built by Halberstadt. The Halberstadt story is related in depth with 10 close-ups, 74 archive photos, contemporary technical reports and sketches, 7 detailed colour plates and data, together with over 6 pages of accurate 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings of Halberstadt D.II, D.III and D.V fighters contained in 52 pages. .£13.95

Nieuport Fighters (Two volumes).
Vol.1. Nieuports 11, 16, 17, 21 and 23. 52 pages (10 in colour) with over 15 colour close-ups and over 20 sparkling profiles of Inter-national Nieuports. 6 pages of drawings, 85 archive photos plus 9 close-ups. £13.95

Vol.2. Nieuports 17bis, 24, 25 and 27. 48 pages (6 in colour) with 12 colour profiles, over 7 pages of drawings, 90 archive photos and 10 close-ups. The ideal partner to Volume 1! £13.95

RAF SE5a. This stunning 48 page reference provides unmatched detail for the classic WWI fighter as flown by the top aces Mannock, Bishop and Rhys-Davids to name but a few. 68 archive photos, 68 close-ups (18 in full colour!) plus over 17 colour profiles, official GAs, rigging diagrams and a genuine WWI colour photo! Cockpit data, detailed colour notes and a listing of SE5a model kits. £13.95

Richthofen by A E (ED) Ferko. This is a superb record of Germany's leading fighter pilot, which also includes detailed appendices and notes. There are 203 photos (many hitherto unpublished) that trace the Baron's WWI career. 84 pages offer a unique, fresh insight into Germany's Ace of Aces; also included are 4 colour pages with 15 colour profiles of the Baron's aeroplanes. £21.00

SE5/5a Squadrons. Author Les Rogers brings together his extensive knowledge and archive database to present this densely - illustrated unit-by-unit coverage of the famous fighters. With scores of rare photos and colour profiles by Ray Rimell, this 56 page book offers yet another unrivalled package! £18.50
Sikorsky Ilya Muromets Type Veh. Written and illustrated by acknowledged expert Harry Woodman, this 48 page book provides over 50 rare photos, 8 pages of 1:48 and 1:72 scale plans, sketches, tables, colour notes and 4 colour profiles. £16.50

Sopwith Camel Squadrons. Details the famous Sopwith Camel fighter. In 60 packed pages, Les Rogers provides details of over 40 RFC/RNAS/RAF/USAS Camel units supported by 216 photos and almost 100 individual colour illustrations! £19.00

Sopwith Pup. In documenting this classic design, we've pulled out all the stops; 44 pages, 10 in full colour, providing over 20 sparkling profiles and 33 close-ups including full cockpit details! In addition there are 73 archive photos, 10 close-ups, dashboard sketch, fuselage markings detail and colour notes plus superb scale drawings. £12.95

The Airship VC. Ray Rimell's biography of William Leefe Robinson VC, first airman to bring down an airship over England. Signed by Ray, the book contains 130 pages with 103 rare photos. (Hardback).* Limited stocks. £14.95

Vickers Vimy. Published in 1994 to celebrate the repro Vimy's flight to Australia, this detailed monograph includes 4 pages of 1:72 scale drawings and over 100 archive photos including 21 close-ups. 44 pages with two in full colour. £10.00

Von Richthofen's Flying Circus. Written by Greg VanWyngarden, this superb 68 page book provides extensive pictorial cover-age of Jagdgeschwader Nr.I's Jastas 4, 6, 10 and 11 - the famous flying circus! With 183 archive photos, 12 mono profiles and 10 colour pages packed full with over 47 exacting new colour profiles by Ray Rimell. £16.95

WWI Warplanes. With 52 crammed pages, six unique subjects supported by 1:48 and 1:72 GSa and sketches. Vol. 2 contains BE2, AEG D.I, Hanriot HD.I Lohner AA, Anatra DS and Pfalz D.XIV: 84 photos, 20 pages of drawings and colour profiles. £12.95

WWI British Propellers. Using official factory photos, colour plates and drawings Peter Cooksley and Bruce Robertson show how WWI British airscrews were produced. 9 colour plates, 8 colour logos, 20 photos, 7 drawings and full list of airscrews. £11.50

MODEL DINOSAUR by RLR (signed) Hints and tips galore: kits/conversions/resins/ dioramas/painting - many great colour photos! £12.00


6. Sopwith 2F1 Camel by J M Bruce. Reprinted in 2004 due to high demand! Over 33 rare archive photos, 1:48/1:72 scale plans, and detailed colour notes with four colour profiles. Limited edition! £12.00

13. Albatros C.III by P M Grosz. One of the best-known German two-seaters, the C.III was licence-built by eight manufacturers. This revised reprint offers all-new GAs and colour profiles plus 46 archive and over 12 close-ups. £9.00 * LIMITED STOCKS!

14. RAF BE2e by J M Bruce. The revised version of the BE2c was not a huge success but enjoyed wide service on the home front. With 51 archive photos and 28 vital close-ups of the sole surviving example. £8.50

15. Fokker E.III by P M Grosz. The famous Eindecker which, with its synchronised machine gun, wrought havoc on the Allies until mid 1916 when its threat was countered. 36 archive photos plus 18 close-ups combine to fully document this classic fighter. £10.00

16. Morane Saulnier L by J M Bruce. Classic monoplane as flown by Warneford VC when he shot down Zeppelin LZ37 in June 1915. Includes many photos of that historic machine and details of the German Pfalz 'licence' version. 40 photos and 4 close-ups. £8.50

17. LVG C.VI by P M Grosz. This two-seater saw fairly limited service but several museum survivors have introduced it to present day enthusiasts. 48 archive photos, 26 close-ups and notes on the extant examples. £9.00

18. RAF FE2b by J M Bruce. Despite its primitive appearance the 'Fee' was widely used and could prove a difficult opponent. This WWI classic is covered by 35 archive photos and 16 close-ups plus over 15 sketches from the official parts' manual. £8.50

19. Albatros D.III (OEF) by P M Grosz. This Austro-Hungarian version of the famous Albatros D.III was built in a wide number of variants; all covered by GAs together with 42 archive photos and 21 close-ups with detailed colour notes. £9.50

20. Nieuport 17 C.I by J M Bruce. The classic V-strutter and mount of many of the top Allied air aces. Excellent 1:48/1:72 scale plans, four pages of rare 1918 Rozendaal GAs together with 60 archive photos, 9 close-ups and detailed colour notes with profiles. £9.00

21. Pfalz D.IIIa by P M Grosz. The improved version of the D.III with heavily detailed GAs. This 'must have' DATAFILE includes 50 archive photos, 12 close-ups and many detail airframe sketches. Another classic reference!. £9.00

22. Sopwith Triplane by J M Bruce. Another classic fighter design from the Sopwith factory, the nimble triplane, the favourite of many pilots, is extensively documented. 53 archive photos, 41 close-ups and 5 official handbook sketches. £9.50

24. RAF RE8 by J M Bruce. Most WWI enthusiasts will be familiar with the 'Harry Tate' the much used and abused reconnaissance machine. This worthy tribute to the RE8 and its crews contains 40 archive photos; 52 close-ups and over 18 official manual sketches. £9.00

25. Fokker D.VIII by P M Grosz. The legendary 'Flying Razor' arrived too late to make a big impact on the war, but remains a firm modeller's favourite. With 70 archive photos, 21 close-ups, detailed colour notes, plus a full model kit listing. £10.00

26. Sopwith Camel by J M Bruce. Now in its third printing; scores of great photos, scale plans and a double page cutaway offer the ultimate Camel reference! £12.00

27. Halberstadt CL.II by P M Grosz. The nimble two-seater Halberstadt Cl.II was almost as small as a fighter and just as deadly! This reprint contains 1:48 /1:72 scale plans, over 73 photos, close-ups, airframe sketches, colour profiles and a model survey. Excellent value at only £9.00.

28. Avro 504K by J M Bruce. The classic WWI British training biplane that soldiered on in one form or another well after the Armistice. Includes 72 archive photos, 78 close-ups and over 2 pages of official handbook sketches. £9.00 * Limited stocks!

30. RAF SE5 by J M Bruce. Made famous by Albert Ball VC, the original SE5 is here covered in some detail, with two pages of official development GAs. Contains 50 photos, 4 close-ups and over 3 pages of official parts manual sketches. £9.00

31. Phönix D.I/II by P M Grosz. Superior to both the OEF D.III and Aviatik D.I, the Phonix fighters were flown by many leading air aces. With scale plans, this detailed study includes 66 archive photos and 8 close-ups. £9.50

32. Spad 13. C1 by J M Bruce. Superb GAs, 66 archive photos, 31 close-ups, detailed camouflage drawings based on archive material, a kit survey and Jack Bruce's authoritative text combine to create a DATAFILE classic as befits the famous Spad 13. £9.50

34. Sopwith 1½ Strutter by J M Bruce. Detailed study of the long-serving Sopwith two-seater boasts over 74 archive photos (including French versions), over 56 detailed close-ups, colour notes, structural drawings, 1:48/1:72 plans. £9.00

36. Nieuport 28 by Jon Guttman. The classic Nieuport fighter, mount of many of America's top aces in WWI carries over 56 archive photos, over 51 close-ups, 1:72/1:48 scale plans, model kit survey, three colour profiles, plus unit insignia. £9.00

37. Roland D.VI by P M Grosz. The 1918 D.VI with its clinker-built fuselage (like a boat) was the last Roland fighter to see production in WWI. 70 archive photos, 9 close-ups, colour notes and model listing. £5.90

38. (Airco) DH10 by J M Bruce. Somewhat elegant for a bomber, the Amiens arrived too late to make any impact on the war. This excellent reference boasts 9 pages of drawings, 61 archive photos; 17 close-ups and official manual drawings. £5.90

39. Junkers J.I by P M Grosz. The massive armoured Junkers biplane was beloved by its crews - not one was ever shot down in combat! 63 photos, 14 close-ups, airframe sketches, plus 6 pages of 1:48/1:72 scale plans. £9.00

40. Ansaldo SVA 5 by Gregory Alegi. Our first Italian title with 5 pages of GAs. Superbly illustrated, this fine study of Italy's premier fighting aeroplane includes 67 archive photos and over 36 close-ups as well as detailed colours and markings. £5.90 * LIMITED STOCKS!

42. RAF BE2c by J M Bruce. Inherently stable, the BE2c was soon outclassed in France, but it proved a deadly match for Zeppelin raiders over England. 82 archive photos and 38 invaluable close-ups plus extra 1:48 and 1:72 drawings. £5.90

43. Halberstadt C1.IV by P M Grosz. This lighter version of the Cl.II proved equally popular with its crews. Three surviving examples were restored in the 1980s, this book carries extra detailed photos as a result. 46 archive photos, 26 close-ups. £6.50

44. Bristol Scouts by J M Bruce. Flying a Bristol Scout Capt. Lanoe Hawker gained the first air VC - the type also pioneered flight from aircraft carriers. Over four pages of drawings cover main variants with 84 archive photos and 11 close-ups. £6.50 * LIMITED STOCKS

45. Aviatik D.I by P M Grosz. The first fighter aircraft designed by Austro-Hungary to enter LFT service. This heavily-illustrated book contains 35 archive photos, 30 close-ups, 9 pages of GAs. £6.50 * LIMITED STOCKS

46. Sopwith Snipe by J M Bruce. Major William Barker was awarded the VC when flying a Snipe in a classic October 1918 encounter. Scale GAs with 74 archive photos, 27 close-ups, official sketches. £6.50 * LIMITED STOCKS

47. Roland D.II by P M Grosz. Although as racy as its C.II forebear, the Haifisch (shark) was not to emulate its success and was soon relegated to the trainer role. Both D.I and D.II are covered with 6 pages of GAs, 69 archive photos and 8 close-ups. £6.50

49. Roland C.II by P M Grosz. The beautiful 1915 designed Walfisch was years ahead of its time and this compact two-seater also spawned a single seater fighter. 73 archive photos, 23 close-ups and a cockpit sketch. £7.10

50. (Airco) DH5 by J M Bruce. Not deHavilland's most successful design, but the curious DH5 redeemed itself in the ground attack role. 64 archive photos, 12 close-ups and tofficial airframe sketches provide unique documentation. £7.10

51. AEG G.IV by P M Grosz. Germany's most successful twin-engined bomber is meticulously detailed with 6 pages of scale drawings, 67 archive photos, 20 close-ups and 20 airframe sketches. £7.10

53. DFW C.V by P M Grosz. The C.V was one of the truly great aircraft of WWI - nearly 4000 were built. This detailed study includes fold-out plans plus over 100 archive photos and 12 close-ups with highly detailed markings notes. £7.10

54. Sopwith Dolphin by J M Bruce. This late-war fighter finally receives the accolades it deserves in this data-packed reference. The book includes 79 archive photos and over 26 rare close-ups. £7.10

56. Vickers FB.5 by J M Bruce. The so-called 'Gunbus' is one of WWI's immortal aircraft and a VC was awarded to an FB.5 pilot. As well as the usual GAs, the book includes over 5 pages of original design drawings , 70 photos and 9 close-ups. £7.50

57. Albatros C.I by P M Grosz. The C.I was a true workhorse that served the German Army Air service well from 1915 right through to the Armistice. 62 archive photos, 30 close-ups and 2 pages of contemporary detail airframe drawings. £7.50

59. Pfalz E.I -E.V by P M Grosz. Overshadowed by the Fokker Eindeckers, the Pfalz monoplanes were copies of the pre-war French Moranes and only saw limited service. Over 7 pages of GAs; 69 archive photos and 17 close-ups. £7.50

60. Sopwith Baby by J M Bruce. Extra pages cover not only the Baby, but also the equally well-known Schneider. These classic seaplanes are given the full treatment with 82 archive photos, 9 close-ups, extra GAs. £7.50

61. Brandenburg W.12 by P M Grosz. One of the German Navy's most potent seaplane fighters, the W.12 saw widespread service in the North Sea. 45 archive photos, 10 close-ups, 14 pages of drawings including 1918 technical data and GAs. £8.00

62. RAF RE5/7 by J M Bruce. This unique study of two hitherto poorly-recorded types boasts extra pages to include 12 pages of scale drawings, 71 archive photos, 12 close-ups and several official drawings and sketches. £8.00

63. Aviatik C.I by P M Grosz. This attractive two-seater was used effectively as a bomber, spotter and photo recon' machine in the early part of WWI. 64 archive photos, 22 close-ups plus three original manufacturer's transfer emblems in colour! £8.00

64. Armstrong Whitworth FK.8 by J M Bruce. Rugged and dependable the 'Big Ack' was popular with its crews - two VCs were won by FK.8 pilots. The book includes 4½ pages of plans, 78 archive photos and 15 close-ups. £8.00

66. RAF BE12/a/b by J M Bruce. An attempt to power up the 2c, the 12's wartime career was one of mixed fortunes. Extra pages cover the three main variants with 9 pages of GAs plus 73 photos and 17 close-ups. £8.00

67. AEG C.IV by P M Grosz. The rugged metal structure of the C.IV made it ideal for Middle East operations. This unique DATAFILE contains some superb illustrations with 44 archive photos and over 21 large format close-ups. £8.50

68. Nieuport 10/12 by J M Bruce. The classic two-seater Nieuport V-Strutters were used by Belgium, Britain, France, Italy and Russia. Examples from each air force are illustrated in this DATAFILE. Over 100 photos and 6 pages of drawings. £8.50

69. Halberstadt C.V by P M Grosz. Designed for high altitude, long distance and reconnaissance and photographic roles , the C.V initially appeared in the early months of 1918. 57 rare archive photos and close-ups, plus markings data. £8.50

70. Martinsyde Elephant by J M Bruce. One of the first types we ever featured in WINDSOCK is now revised with brand new GAs and plenty of archive and close-up photos plus new colour profiles! £8.50
71. LVG C.V by P M Grosz. The ubiquitous C.V saw successful service with German Fl.Abt. units in 1917/1918. This DATAFILE includes the usual detailed GAs plus dozens of archive close-up photos with detailed camouflage notes. £8.50

72. (Airco) DH9 by J M Bruce. Rather than a successful replacement for the DH4, the DH9 proved inferior to its predecessor but nevertheless saw wide service. The book contains many archive and close-up photos. £8.50

73. Friedrichshafen F33E by P M Grosz. This DATAFILE profiles the well known German seaplane, probably the most extensively-built machine of its type in WWI. 62 photos, 8 pages of 1:72/1:48 scale plans, plus colour notes. £8.75

74. RAF FE8 by J M Bruce. This profiles the famous WWI British pusher fighter. Detailed history with over 65 photos, 1916 RAF cockpit sketches, new 1:48 and 1:72 GAs, plus five colour plates. £8.75

75. AGO C.I by P M Grosz. German pushers are rare and the AGO is the most famous example. Over 80 excellent photos, 20 close-ups, 6 pages of crisp new drawings, plus colour profiles and appendices provide another classic reference. £8.75

76. Martinsyde Buzzard by J M Bruce. The F4 is given the full DATAFILE treatment with 5 pages of superb plans, 74 rare archive photos, plus nine close-ups, contemporary airframe sketches, full tables and three colourful rear cover paintings. £8.75

77. Albatros C.VII by P M Grosz. Covers the famous German WWI two-seater with 6 pages of 1:48/1:72 scale plans, over 70 rare archive photos, 9 close-ups with accurate colour notes, 5 colour profiles plus full history. An absolute must for your collection. £8.75

78. Caproni Ca. 3 by Gregory Alegi. Covers the famous Italian WWI bomber with 10 pages of 1:48/1:72 scale plans plus many sketches, over 100 rare archive photos, 13 close-ups, accurate colour notes and profiles plus full history. Superb reference package! £8.75

79. Rumpler C.I by P M Grosz. The classic German two-seater. Over 100 rare archive photos - including over 20 close-up and uncovered airframe images plus 1:48/1:72 GAs and contemporary sketches, full colour notes and exhaustive appendices. £8.95

80. Sopwith 1½ Strutter Vol.2 by J M Bruce. Complementing DF 34, this volume concentrates on single seat versions of the famous Strutter. Over 4 pages 1:48/1:72 GAs, over 70 archive photos, 7 close-ups, detailed colour notes and profiles. £8.95

81. Albatros C.V by P M Grosz. At last the true history of the sleek Albatros C.V two-seater of WWI is presented. Over 75 photos, 10 close-ups plus airframe sketches and over 10 pages of 1:48/1:72 drawings of C.V/16 and C.V/17 types plus structural detail. £8.95

82. Felixstowe F.2A by J M Bruce. Documents the fabulous Felixstowe. Extra pages cater for over 94 archive photos, including 25 close-up details, 12 pages of 1:48/1:72 scale GAs plus colour notes with detailed colour profiles and extra dazzle schemes. £8.95

83. Gotha G.I by P M Grosz. Traces the story of the first Gothas, progenitors of a long line of famous German bombers. Over 58 rare archive photos, plus contemporary sketches and 8 pages of 1:48/1:72 scale drawings with colour profiles. £8.95

84. Fokker D.VI by P M Grosz. The classic D.VI biplane fighter described in detail with over 30 photos, contemporary dimensioned drawings and reports, with 8 pages of 1:48/1:72 scale plans with structural detail of both V.13/1 and D.VI versions. £8.95

85. Short 184 by J M Bruce. The famous British seaplane torpedo carrier and spotter meticulously detailed; 8 pages of 1:48/1:72 GAs, airframe sketches, over 100 photos including many close-ups. £9.25

86. Macchi M.5 by Gregory Alegi. Italy's fabulous flying boat fighter; revised 1:48/1:72 scale plans, 100 rare photos, plus exotic colour plates on both covers. Another sure-fire winner! £9.25

87. Albatros B.I by P M Grosz. Classic WWI two-seater with 65 photos, includes colour profiles and top views. Over 8 pages of detailed GAs in 1:48 and 1:72 scales. £9.25

88. Ansaldo A.I Balilla by Gregory Alegi. Popular WWI and post war fighter; 1:48/1:72 plans, superb colour plates, 109 rare photos plus vibrant art on the front cover! £9.25

89. SSW R.I by P M Grosz - our first R-plane profile. Details R.I and derivatives, 86 photos plus GAs in 1:48, 1:72 and 1:144 scales. £9.25

90. Sopwith B.1/T.1 Cuckoo by J M Bruce. Over 70 rare photos and contemporary sketches with 1:48/1:72 scale plans by I R Stair of the pioneer torpedo strike aeroplane. £9.25

91. Fokker E.I/II by P M Grosz. This contains, at last, the true story of Germany's synchronised gun development, with 80 rare photos and five pages of scale drawings in 1:48 and 1:72. Plus colour profiles and genuine 1915 adverts in full colour! £9.50

92. Hanriot HD.1/HD.2 by Gregory Alegi. Brand new study of the classic French fighter! Eight pages of superb new drawings with over 90 photos - five in colour - plus airframe sketches. £9.50

93. Albatros B.II by P M Grosz. The classic WWI trainer with six pages of detailed GAs in 1:48 and 1:72, over 90 rare photos with five in full colour of the Polish survivor. Detailed narrative and appendices. £9.50

94. Caudron G.3 by Jon Guttman. The classic French 'lattice-tail' with detailed 1:48 and 1:72 drawings of major variants. Packed with over 125 photos - 16 in full colour plus profiles. £9.50

95. Staaken R.VI by P M Grosz. The amazing giant R-Plane of WWI! Big 1:72 scale plans with interiors, over 80 photos and great colour plates. £9.50

96. Caudron G.4 by Jon Guttman. This twin-engined version of the G.3 with 1:48 and 1:72 scale plans, plus over 70 archive photos and four extra colour pages crammed with close-up airframe details! £9.50

97. Nieuport 29 by Gregory Alegi. The late/post war Nieuport fighter with over 70 b/w and colour photos. Great 1:72 and 1:48 GAs and colour art. £9.75.

98. LVG B.I by P M Grosz. The much loved, long-serving classic German two-seater unmasked! Over 90 rare archive photos and accurate drawings in the two standard scales. £9.75.

99. Lohner T.I/Macchi L.I by Gregory Alegi. The classic flying boat designed by the Austro-Hungarians and cloned by Italy! Superb drawings, over 90 photos and full history. £9.75

100. Albatros D.I/D.II by P M Grosz. Totally new book on these popular early fighters. Superb new scale plans plus extra pages and 3 pages of colour profiles - a landmark title! £10.50.

101. American DH4 by Jon Guttman. The only US-built a/c to see WWI action! Superb new drawings plus over 80 rare photos of the famous 'Liberty Plane'. Colour photos and profiles. £9.75
102. Aviatik B Types by P M Grosz. The long-serving Aviatiks with over 10 page of superb drawings! Scores of photos and exciting colour art! £9.75

103. AMC DH6 by Bruce Robertson. Over 90 photos, detailed 1:32, 1:48 and 1:72 scale plans, colour profiles and appendices profile the classic British trainer. £10.00

104. The Taube at War by P M Grosz. Over 100 photos (five in colour), 12 pages of detailed Jeannin and Rumper Taube drawings in 1:48 and 1:72 scales. Extra pages. £10.00

105. The SIA 7b by Gregory Alegi. Heavily-produced but ultimately flawed Italian two-seater. Great drawings and over 78 rare archive photos. £10.00

106. The LVG C.II by P M Grosz. Classic WWI German two-seater. 1:48 and 1:72 Gas, over 90 photos and sketches plus great colours refs! £10.00

107. Pfalz D.III by PM Grosz. Brand new study of this classic fighter with over 70 photos and sketches, four pages plus 1:48 and 1:72 scale plans. Extra colour plates. £10.00

108. The Blériot at War by Gregory Alegi. 100 photos, seven pages of detailed XI and XI-2 plans to both 1:48 and 1:72. Includes contemporary colour drawings. £10.00

109. Salmson 2A2 by Jon Guttman, Rugged French two seater that served with distinction in the AEF. Over 90 photos, extra colour plates and over eight pages of truly detailed GAs with structural airframe drawings. £10.25

110. Hansa Brandenburg C.I Types by Colin A Owers. Over 90 photos and eight pages of detailed GAs of all major series aircraft by the author. Colour data, notes and specs with art by Brian Knight and Ray Rimell. £10.25

111. Caproni Ca.4 by Gregory Alegi. Over 60 photos, eight pages of 1:48 and 1:72 scale plans, airframe sketches, colour data and profiles. Classic reference on the giant Caproni triplane bomber! £10.25

112. LVG C.IV by P M Grosz. The revolutionary LVG two-seater with its 'straight-eight' Mercedes engine was one of the most distinctive of WWI German aircraft. Detailed scale drawings in 1:72 and 1:48 plus colourful profiles, all supported by rare archive photos. £10.25

113. SAML S.2 by Gregory Alegi. Aviatik-inspired Italian two seater which saw widespread squadron service. Exacting 1:48/1:72 GAs, over 70 rare photos and some great colour art! £10.25

No.114. ALBATROS C.X by P M Grosz. Classic German two-seater built by a number of sub-contractors - all detailed here. Over 60 rare photos, detailed 1:72/1:48 scale plans, colour profiles and data. Includes clear cockpit photos. £10.25

No.115. BRISTOL FIGHTER by L A Rogers. The Bristol in Squadron service with over 100 photos; extra colour profiles, unit markings, three view in 1:48 plus airframe close-ups. £10.50

No.116. HANDLEY PAGE O/400 by C A Owers. First of a two volume study. Over 60 photos, 6 pages of O/100 - O/400 1:72 drawings plus sketches and appendices. £10.50.



2. PKZ-2. The revolutionary WWI helicopter makes for one of our most unusual titles! 1:48 and 1:72 drawings plus 13 photos and sketches. 12 pages including covers. £5.00

WWI Guns. All by Harry Woodman, each with 12 pages of text, 1:12 drawings and many detail photos - a modellers' 'must have'.

3. Lewis Guns: 27 photos (1 in colour). £6.00

6. Vickers Guns: 25 photos (4 in colour.) £6.00

10. Spandau Guns: 23 photos (1 in colour). £5.00

16. German Observers' Guns. Plenty of reference for the Parabellum and Bergmann guns as well as others; scale drawings and over 40 photos, one in full colour. £6.65

4. Spad A.2/A.4 by J M Bruce. With over 6 pages of drawings by Colin Owers this monograph details the curious Spad pulpit fighters with the gunner's cockpit ahead of the engine and airscrew! Includes over 20 photos plus rear colour profiles. £6.00

5. Morane Saulnier AI by J M Bruce. Racy high wing monoplane fighter of striking design. 16 pages, 23 photos and over 4 pages of drawings with 2 colour photos and 2 profiles on the covers. £6.00

8. Martin Kitten by Jon Guttman. This is a real curio. JV Martin's diminutive biplane pioneered the semi-retractable undercarriage and wingtip ailerons. 12 pages with 15 archive photos, 3 in full colour. £5.00 * Limited Stocks!

9. Sopwith Tabloid by J M Bruce. Extra pages to record the history of this popular type with many rare photos; 1:48/1:72 scale plans; contemporary airframe sketches, and a colour plate. £6.00.

11. Fokker D.V by P M Grosz. This nimble little fighter of which some 300 were built was destined to remain in the trainer role. 16 pages include 35 photos with markings section and rear cover colour profiles. £5.00

12. Dornier D.I by P M Grosz. The all-metal cantilever design that would help revolutionise aeroplane structures after WWI. 16 pages include 3 pages of scale drawings, over 36 archive photos and close-ups, plus 2 rear cover colour plates. £5.00

13. Armstrong Whitworth FK.3 by J M Bruce. The 'Little Ack' profiled in 16 pages with detailed plans and over 36 archive photos and close-up photos - the ideal companion to DATAFILE 64! Includes 2 colour profiles. £6.00

14. Rumpler D.I by P M Grosz. Another late-war German fighter design of great promise, but one destined never to see service. 16 pages with 1:72 and 1:48 scale GAs, over 30 archive photos and close-ups, plus rear cover colour plates. £5.00

15. Ansaldo Baby by Gregory Alegi. Over 20 rare photos and contemporary drawings, all new detailed multi-view1:48/1:72 scale plans by Marty Digmayer, plus 3 rear cover plates provide the ultimate reference. £6.65

17. Italian National Markings by Gregory Alegi. Describes the history of WWI Italian markings, their inception and their application with over 30 rare photos and contemporary drawings, plus colour photos and profiles. £6.65

18. DFW T28 Flea by P M Grosz. Provides all new text, some recently discovered photos and brand new, highly detailed 1:48 and 1:72 scale plans by Marty Digmayer of WWI's most enigmatic mini-fighter! £6.25


WINDSOCK International

Vol.10, No.6, Nov/Dec 1994 - AH seat belts in colour * Pusher cockpit drawings * Kit A-Z part 15 - DFW/DH * RAF FE2d and Vickers FB9 plans features + 1:72 GAs * Aerodrome 94 * Eduard HB D.I detailed kit review * Richthofen Triplane cross in colour. £4.45

Vol.13, No.1, Jan/Feb 1997 - German engines in colour * Norwegian Sopwith Babies * BAT Bantam photo data * German types in both Italy and Russia * Polish Ansaldo A.Is + 3 colour profiles. £5.50

Vol.13, No.2, Mar/Apr 1997 - IPMS Nats * French Spad archive * Albatros DR.I - 1:48 conversion * Kondor D.I/D.2 plans feature + 1:48/1:72 GAs * Saga of FF33 698 in Russia * RE 5/7 photo/drawing data * Restored Spad 7 in Italy + 9 colour photos. £5.50

Vol.13, No.3, May/June1997 - SL9 airship model in colour * Brandenburg W.12s in the Netherlands * Gun turret diorama for Eduard's Pup * Spad VII * Tom's Modelworks' Halberstadt CL.II kit review * Halberstadt photo file * Foreign Legion part 31 - Hughes/Sebesta + 4 colour profiles. .£5.50

Vol.13, No.4, July/Aug 1997 - Brown's Camel markings + 2 colour profiles and painting * Post war bomber models * Fokker D.III in LVA service * Hippo Berg D.I kit review * AW FK8 component photos * Kit A-Z part 21 - Fokker D.VII * Foreign Legion Part 32 - Bluementhal + Breguet 14 colour profiles. £5.50

Vol.13, No.5, Sept/Oct 1997 - D.VII in colour * Skybirds '72 Fdh.GII detailed kit review plus 1:72 scale plans and photofile! * Captured Gotha seaplane * 200-hp Austro-Daimler motor close-up photos * Kondor D.VI 1:48/1:72 plans. Latest kits. 2F1 Camel in colour. £5.50

Vol.13, No.6, Nov/Dec 1997 - SAAF SE in colour * Kit A-Z part 22, Fokker E.V/D.VIII * G series 'captured prizes' * Hannover C.13199/17 capture report + sketches and photos * 94 AS diorama in colour * Rebuilt AEF Camel + 5 colour photos. £5.50

Vol.14, No.1, Jan/Feb 1998 - IPMS Nats * Weathering the D.VII * Avro 504L plans feature + 1:48/1:72 GAs * Kit A-Z part 23 - Fokker DR.I * Decor Debut No.1 - Jasta 6 Fokker D.VIII colour profiles. £5.75

Vol.14, No.2, Mar/Apr 1998 - Roland C.II archive * Allied aeroplanes in Soviet service * Fiat Gamma plans feature + 1:48/1:72 GAs * Kit A-Z part 23A - Fokker DR.I * San Diego Fokker E.III repro + 4 colour photos * Siemens Schuckert D.III/D.IV colour profiles. £5.75

Vol.14, No.3, May/June 1998 - RNAS bomb carrier * Villish flying boat * Beardmore WB.IV plans feature + 1:48/1:72 GAs * Curtiss Jenny markings * 1998/1999 kit release programme * Decor Debut No.2 - Jasta 6 Fokker D.VIII colour profiles * Halberstadt CL.IV colour photos. £5.75

Vol.14, No.4, July/Aug 1998 - Phonix D.III in colour * Kit A-Z part 24 - Fokker E.III * Blue Max Roland C.II detailed kit review * Sopwith Swallow plans feature + 1:48/1:72 GAs * Spad 7/13 archive * Revised Muromets - kit review. Turkish markings * Foreign Legion part 33 - Charvat + Nieuport 24 and Spad 13 colour profiles. £5.75

Vol.14, No.5, Sept/Oct 1998 - Postwar Bristol Fighter markings * Beginner's modelling feature * Aeroclub's Bristol Fighter detailed kit review * LVG C.V factory photos * Polish Bristol Fighters + 3 colour profiles * San Diego E.III + 6 colour photos. £5.75

Vol.14, No.6, Nov/Dec 1998 - Famous Australian DH9 Survivor + 7 colour photos * Allied and German types in Russian service * SL D.III plans feature + 1:48/1:72 GAs * Seaplane trainers in Italy * Civilian postwar DH9s * Albanian Knights - air aces in Italy * Decor Debut No.3 Hanriot HD.I + colour profile. £5.75

Vol.15, No.1, Jan/Feb 1999 - Henry Farrè War artist + 7 colour plates * IPMS Nats * HB W29 archive * Reworking Revell's 1:72 Nie 28 * Decor Debut No.4 - Hanriot HD.I + 3 colour profiles. £6.00

Vol.15, No.2, Mar/Apr 1999 - Sopwith Tabloid repro + colour photos * Henry Farrè + 3 colour plates * New German camouflage fabric dis- covered * Greek DH9s * Issoudun's colourful Nieuports * Model Breguet 14 in 1918 * German Seaplane in the Baltic * Von Bertrab's D.III + colour profiles. £6.00

Vol.15, No.3, May/June 1999 - Superb DH9A 1:24 scratchbuilt in colour * Wibault Wib C.I plans feature + 1:48/1:72 GAs * German Sky camouflage * Scratchbuilding an AW FK.3 * Pre-WWI German colour postcards. £6.00

Vol.15, No.4, July/Aug 1999 - Eduard Albatros D.III detailed kit review * Curtiss HS-2L + 5 colour profiles and 1:72 GAs * Spanish 'Tinsydes F4 markings * Boeing D.VII archive close-ups. £6.00

Vol.15, No.5, Sept/Oct 1999 - Curtiss MF plans feature + 1:48/1:72 GAs * Toko's Pfalz D.XII detailed kit review * Kit A-Z part 25 - Fokker/Friedrichafen/Gotha * Archive photos in colour - Breguet 14 * Pfalz factory logo's + 5 colour photos * Aviatik D.I in Austria + 2 colour photos. £6.00

Vol.15, No.6, Nov/Dec 1999 - Russian Naval Nieuports - part 1 * Caproni + 5 colour photos * Albatros D.III project - repro' * Phonix colours - fabrics and markings + 17 profiles + 3 colour profiles * Brassware from France and Poland * Archive photos - Finnish Fighters. £6.00

Vol.16, No.1, Jan/Feb 2000 - IPMS Nats * Russian Naval Nieuports - part 2 * Dove Tales - the Flashback Taube + 1913 drawings * SAAF Avros - 504K colours + mono profiles * Brome Country D.VII + 2 colour photos. £6.10

Vol.16, No.2, Mar/Apr 2000 - Russian Naval Nieuports - part 3 + 3 colour profiles * Albree/Pigeon Fraser Scout - plans feature + 1:48/1:72 GAs * Fokker D.VII repro' * Italian Bèbè Nieuports. £6.10
Vol.16, No.3, May/June 2000 - Australia's Avro 504K Dyak - plans feature + 1:72/1:48 GAs * Russian National Markings 1914-1920 * Toko' s Nieuport 11 detailed kit review * Russian Nieuport and Spad colour profiles * New WWI paints. £6.10

Vol.16, No.4 July/Aug 2000 - Gotha WD.7 seaplane - scratchbuilding * Fokker D.VIIs in Iceland * Rare Pfalz WWI advertisment * Spad 13 - archive photos * Polish Friedrichshafen G.III detailed kit review * Special Nieuport scale colour feature. £6.10

Vol. 16, No.5, Sept/Oct 2000 - Avro Dyak/WWI Streamer/Pigeon Scout - in colour * SAML biplane colours * Eagle and Falcon - WWI engine drawings * Fokker D.VII views * Nieuport 28 in colour and mono close-up * WWI Pfalz advertisement in colour. £6.10

Vol. 16, No.6, Nov/Dec 2000 - Voisin in profile- part 1 * Pomilo camouflage and markings * High-level Halberstadt - kit review * Ansaldo A.I camouflage - colour exclusive! * Archive photos - Zeppelin card kits. £6.10

Vol. 17, No.1, Jan/Feb 2001 - Voisin in profile part 2 * Rhinebeck - a limey's perspective * FF54 quadruplane plans feature * US WWI seaplane colours * CSM Brandenburg W.12 photo-build * F2a archive in colour. £6.20

Vol. 17, No.2, Mar/Apr 2001 - Special Gotha features - cover plates and Roden kit review * Spad A2 and Eduard Pfalz D.IIIa photo-builds * Curtiss H.16 photo feature * Roland D.IV 1:48/1:72 plans * Italian SIA biplanes. £6.20

Vol.17, No.3, May/June 2001 - Special Nieuport 28 colour features and kit reviews * DH2 dopes * Curtiss H.16 Pt.2 * Short 184 floats * Building Aeroclub's BE2c * French WWI archive and more! £6.20
Vol.17, No.4, July/Aug 2001 - D.VI fabric in colour * 1:28 scratchbuilts * Rare Pfalz D.VIII * Robey Peters plans! * Italian Nieuport/Macchi colours * All the latest kits! £6.20

Vol.17, No.5, Sept/Oct 2001 - D.VII Special! * D.VII kit reviews plus photo reference and colour features * Caudron G.3/G.4 in colour * Readers' models and more! £6.20

Vol.17, No.6, Nov/Dec 2001 - RAF BE9 scale plans * RAF BE2e model-build * Ansaldo SVA * Nie IV scratchbuilt model * Exciting competitions plus all the latest kits! £6.20

Vol.18, No.1, Jan/Feb 2002 - Spad Special! Four pages of Spad 13 showbirds colour art with special extensive markings features! * Hobbycraft Spad review! + 1:32 scale plans * Scale Modelworld 2001 * Italian Blériot monoplanes colour profiles. £6.25.

Vol.18, No.2, Mar/Apr 2002 - Polish FF33 floatplanes * More Spad 13 colours * WWI HB D.I model * Italian Farman * Reviews of latest kits and eight pages of sparkling colour photos and profiles! £6.25

Vol.18, No.3, May/Jun 2002 - Nieuort IVM * HP 0/400 * Voisin colours * Felixstowe relic * Ansaldo A.1 * Reviews of new kits and 8 pages of colour! £6.25

Vol.18, No.4, July/Aug 2002 - Detailed 1:48 vacform Felixstowe F.2A colour photobuild plus colour profiles! * Readers' toolbench * Italian Nieuport 10 two-seater with colour photos and profiles * USN Hanriot fighters * 1:3 scale rotary and 504K! £6.25

Vol.18, No.5, Sept/Oct 2002 - Felixstowe Pt.2 * Blackburn Blackburd plans feature with 1:72 GAs * Italian Nieuport 17 and 27 markings with 13 colour profiles! * Fokker streaky camouflage and profiles * 2003 DF programme and more! £6.25

Vol.18, No.6, Nov/Dec 2002 - Italian Hanriots and colour profiles * Curtiss Speed scout plans * Airfix Spad VII * US Nationals report * Readers tips and all the new models! £6.25

Vol.19, No.1, Jan/Feb 2003 - DH2 super model * US DH4 drawings/photos * Oeffag repro * 1½ Strutter in colour * A modeller remembers * Latest kits. £6.40

Vol.19, No.2, Mar/Apr 2003 - Curtiss Canuck and Lohner fighters in colour * Pt. 1 of Savoi Pomilio SP study with plans, photos and profiles * DH2 concluded * Readers' toolbench. £6.40

Vol.19, No.3, May/June 2003 - SP3 and Caudron G.III scale plans * WWI engines in colour * Readers' tips and models * Special Caudron features * Stacks of reviews. £6.40

Vol.19, No.4, July/August 2003 - Eduard Albatros D.II colour photo build and WWI archive * SP3 data * Canary Snipe * Preserved Felixstowe * German WWI markings * Roden's F.2A * Lots of kit reviews! £6.40.

Vol.19, No.5, Sept/Oct 2003 - Harry Woodman on techniques * Alex Imrie reviews a new Dr.I book * New Dr.I profiles! * NZ Omaka airshow * Scratchbuilt Gotha * US IPMS in colour and more! £6.40.

Vol.19, No.6, Nov/Dec 2003 - Sanjeev Hirve's magnificent Morane L * Roden's new D.VII! * Curtiss JN4 and Ansaldo A.1 in colour * Albatros D.III detail and more! £6.40

Vol.20, No.1, Jan/Feb 2004 - Genuine French WWI colour photos, first in a year-long series! Plus Breguet colour profiles - French and German! D.VII repro', Harry Woodman techniques, reviews galore. £6.50

Vol.20, No.2, Mar/Apr 2004 - More genuine WWI colour photos! Two photos this time of the Farman F.40 + F.40 GAs in 1:48 and 1:72 scales * Lutskoi Taube * RAF expansion * BAT Bantam restored * Alb. D.III relic * Plus all the new kits! £6.50

Vol.20, No.3, May/June 2004 - Rare WWI colour photo * DH9A plans and colour feature with scores of close-up details * Spanish bombers * Archive and reviews. £6.50.

Vol.20, No.4, July/August 2004. Rare WWI colour photos - three this time! Plus 1:72 DH9A plans and colour refs. Camel armament in depth and bumper kit reviews. £6.50

Vol.20, No.5, Sept/Oct 2004. More rare colour photos * Lance Krieg's gorgeous Ansaldo! * DH9A postscript * New Hollywood aviation epic colour exclusive! * Warneford VC's Morane and Zeppelin artwork * Latest news and reviews. £6.50.

Vol.20, No.6, Nov/Dec 2004 - Superb RE8 model by Sanjeev Hirve * Spoked wheels * Carved four-blader props * IPMS USA Nats colour report + superb WWI colour photo of Breguet 14s! All the usual review columns and more! £6.50.

Vol.21, No.1, Jan/Feb 2005 - St Omer memorial * Superb BE2e and SE5a photos from New Zealand * Rigging detail * Kit reviews galore! * Captured German engines * Exclusive Marcos SP.III in depth kit build!* Anniversary news page * Merit Avro 504K in retrospect. Detailed book and decal reviews. £6.60

Vol.21, No.2, Mar/Apr 2005 - Special Red Baron review features including new 1:32 Dr.I kit, figure and book. Plus 1:32 revised Dr.I plans * Extensive book and kit reviews * Airfix Albatros * Nieuport VI * Wing structures * Voisin photos and 504K profiles in full colour! £6.60

Vol.21, No.3, May/June 2004. Exclusive kit build for Roden's new 1:32 Fokker Dr.I! Plus new series on USN colours with Curtiss N.9 profiles * WWI Ufag rudder in colour * DH2, Merlin Roland * Latest kits, Jasta 5 decals, 1:32 scale Dr.I plans and more! £6.60

Vol.21, No.4, July/August 2005. Continuing Colin Owers' USN colour series * Rare Pfalz fabric analysis * Flyboys movie set visit with exclusive colour photos! Bristol conversion * Rare Jasta 5 D.VIIs in colour! Latest kit releases * Zeppelin kit review! £6.60.

Vol.21, No.5, Sept/Oct 2005. USN Pt.3 with Curtiss F Boat profiles * Camel colours and extended kit reviews * Guillows' Bristol Bullet * WWI aviation DVDs * 'Mag' Men' models * Latest kits - Eduard D.VII, Roden SE5a and Camel, Elf DFW and more! £6.60

Vol.21, No.6, Nov/Dec 2005. USN Pt.4 * Scratchbuilt Russian Bezabrezov Triplane * Fokker D.VI 1:32 kit reviews plus plans * Aurora D.7 * WWI flight sim aircraft * IPMS US Nationals * latest kits and more! £6.60

Vol.22, No.1, Jan/Feb 2006. Brand new-look for 2006! With more colour, more reviews and now regular plans! Inc: Pomilio WWI fabric * Austro-Hungarian FF33 and Brandenburg scale drawings and colour profiles * Scratchbuilt O/400 * 1:32 Albatros D.III * Latest decals * Over 24 WWI kits and products reviewed! Plus more! £6.65

Vol.22, No.2, Mar/Apr 2006 - Weichmann photo/plans feature with colour plates * Nieuport 10 and Macchi M.5 in colour * 1:3 lozenge printing * 1:24 and 1:32 models * Kit reviews plus Roden Staaken preview * Extra colour pages - and more! £6.65